life after shock

Almost a month ago (wow, has it been a month already?!) we experienced our second major earthquake in six months. Our city, Christchurch, New Zealand, was pummeled by a 6.3 that was shallow and close, meaning the destruction was acute - the worst in this country’s recent memory.

As we continue to process this disaster, I thought I would share the journey with you. As we rebuild our lives, and as we work alongside our friends and neighbours to rebuild our city, I will share with you our struggles (e.g., how to build a make-shift toilet in your garage) and our victories (e.g., actually building a toilet in our garage!).

One thing I’ve always known: after earthquakes come aftershocks. What I know now: life after the shock of a major disaster becomes a new kind of life - a braver, more prepared, more determined kind of life. And it seems more precious now than ever.