Church is Poppin’

Henry and Finn and their mates at church

Henry and Finn and their mates at church

Church Northwest Pop-Up #2

On the 26th of May we held our second pop-up service at Te Manawa Community Centre in northwest Auckland. The purpose of these pop-up services is two-fold: to help us create momentum with a core group, and to give us some practical experience putting on services in our new location. So far it's working - we have made improvements with our service logistics, and our core group continues to grow month to month. Our next service is 23 June - please keep it in your prayers!

Lane recites the Bible verse for the morning.

Lane recites the Bible verse for the morning.

Upcoming Dates

CNW Purpose Statement
Church Northwest: Helping each other take the next step towards Jesus—a community defined by a growing faith, an authentic love for all people, and an active hope for Northwest Auckland and beyond.

One of our partnering churches recently paid us a visit and created this video about our ministry. Have a wee keek!

One of our partnering churches recently paid us a visit and created this video about our ministry. Have a wee keek!

Church Plant Funding Update

Our Goal:
This amount covers start-up purchases as well as operating costs for the first five years, on a diminishing basis. This does not include our salary or personal ministry expenses.

Current Commitments:
$225,000 (83%)


Family Update

While we're planting a church, we're also a busy family of 5 and our kids never seem to stop growing! Thank you for your prayers for our family - they mean a lot to us!

  • Finn (5) has started school this past month (in NZ, children can start school throughout the year, once they've turned five) and is so excited to learn to read and make new friends.

  • Henry will turn 9 this month! He is into Bey Blades and drawing/writing his own comic book stories. He is in his second year of piano lessons, and has also started taking swim lessons.

  • Lane will turn 11 this month! We can't believe our baby girl is now a "tween" and growing so quickly that her feet are nearly as big as her mum's! She has started violin lessons this year, and loves to read and write stories. She is currently working on a school project to submit an entry into a national film competition for school children.  

Prayer Requests. 

Our current venue is in an ideal location, but is presenting us with some financial and logistical dilemmas. Please pray for wisdom as we decide how to deal with these difficulties - whether to stay in our current venue and employ some creative solutions, or to look for a new location. This is a big decision that could greatly impact the future of the church, so we ask you to join us in prayer for this.

Our Family
Pray for good health through the winter months, and good friends for our kids.

One of our core values that we can't afford to lose sight of is our commitment to unity among the church leadership and among all church members. This is what Jesus prayed for for all of us in John 17: that we would be one with each other just like he is one with the Father. We want our love for each other to be so real that people will see it and then believe that Jesus is the Son of God.

Church Plant Progress
Pray that God will stir the hearts of the individuals he's chosen to be involved in Church Northwest. Pray that we follow God's leading and that He will provide the workers, opportunities, and strategies we need for reaping the spiritual harvest in Northwest Auckland.

Elaine Hutchison (Nate's mum)
Please pray for Elaine as she was diagnosed stage 4 Mantle Cell Lymphoma two years ago. Praise God that she's still in full remission. However, this type of cancer usually returns quickly, so please pray for continued success with her clinical trial.

Financial Partnership
Please pray for our financial partnerships to remain strong, that God will provide for what we need, and that we will be good stewards of what He provides. If you'd like to help, you can…