It's Official 🙌🏼

Our initial leadership team + families

Our initial leadership team + families

Things Just Got Real

The past month has been full of firsts. Our long term relationship with Shore Community Church has led to an official memo of understanding for church plant development and the formation of an initial leadership team. We're also seeking to add at least one more trustee to our number, thus forming an eldership for our church plant. It's finally happening!

We've also been granted charitable (non-profit) status for our trust, we've opened a bank account and have begun receiving funds in NZ, we've hired an accountant, and we've begun regular trustees meetings. The next steps are much more exciting and include developing and sharing our vision, forming a core group, choosing a church name, and then rolling it all out to the people of Northwest Auckland. Please keep all of this in your prayers!


Westgate Multipurpose Facility
Many of you have been praying about the potential for us to use this ideal facility for our church gatherings. While we're still waiting for management to be hired so we can begin an official relationship and submit our application, we have been informed that we're the only church group interested and that they regularly rent their facilities to churches. We've also received a few photos from the inside of the developing auditorium...


Redefining "Pastoral" Counselling
Nate has been dedicating some of his work week to one-on-one discipleship and mentoring. In a few cases his role in the relationship has turned to counsellor, a role he welcomes since gaining further education in the field. Interestingly, he's found himself in the position of counsellor to a number of local pastors who are faced with current challenges or the ghosts of past hardships. Since he's grown up in a ministry family and is a pastor himself, this seems to be a niche of counselling that he can influence with ease and regularity. Pray for God to lead him to the right people, to give him wisdom, and to continue to "fill his well" in regular quiet time and sessions with his own mentor.

Church Plant Funding Update

Our Goal:
This amount covers start-up purchases as well as operating costs for the first five years, on a diminishing basis. This does not include our salary or personal ministry expenses.

Current Commitments:
$145,000 (54%)

If you are interested in getting involved as a financial partner with a one-time, tax-deductible gift, please visit this website and follow the instructions.

The next generation of church planters?

The next generation of church planters?

Family Update.

School holidays have come just in time. Not only does the daily school drop off and pick up come to a halt for two weeks, extracurriculars do as well. That leaves extra time for the kids to explore the beauty of the New Zealand countryside and enjoy a few "jammy" days at home. Last week Nate took the week off to be at home with the family. We explored the coast north of Auckland, visited a quaint farmers market, and enjoyed extra rest. We're thankful for the work God has given us to do, but we're so grateful for the ability to get away and recharge from time to time.