A Season of Change

Nate and friends bringing Jesus and hot food to Auckland's "streeties" on Friday nights.

Nate and friends bringing Jesus and hot food to Auckland's "streeties" on Friday nights.

First, an administrative change
With the coming changes of autumn upon us in New Zealand, change is also coming for us from a stateside administrative standpoint which will take place on the first of April 2017 (BTW, this is not some weird, elaborate April Fools joke). Our sponsoring organisation (SPCF) has made the decision to combine with a larger missions organisation called NMSI. Upon receiving news of this change, we were given the option to either join with NMSI and incur a monthly 10% administrative fee or to ask a supporting church to become our sponsoring stateside organisation. We have opted for the latter option, and we are happy to report that our new official sponsoring organisation is North Terrace Church of Christ.

What does this actually change? 

  • If you're a financial supporter, beginning on the first of April, checks will need to be made out to North Terrace Church of Christ or NTCOC and sent to the same forwarding agent and address as always

Nate & Whitney Hutchison
c/o Alison Morrow
50 Winding Valley Drive
Delaware, OH  43015

  • All funds given will then be forwarded to our NZ-based non-profit which remains in tact and who will then pay us and our NZ taxes on a monthly basis. They will remain in charge of our NZ ministry bank account and will continue to account for our ministry expenses.

What remains the same? 

  • All gifts remain tax deductible and receipts will continue to be issued for all donations.
  • Alison Morrow remains our forwarding agent and her address (for donations) remains the same (above).
  • We remain financially accountable to our amazing supporting churches who receive monthly financial reports (NTCoC will take a more central role here).
  • We remain in good standing with our friends at SPCF and we intend to collaborate with them and others in our church planting efforts within New Zealand and the South Pacific.

Now, stories of lives changed
Pictured in the video above is Keren. She came to Shore CC a few months ago on what she considered to be "the last day of her life." Suicide is an epidemic problem in New Zealand. This is Keren's Story. Included on the linked youtube channel is her husband's story of change - two new videos in our #ThisIsMyStory social media campaign at Shore CC. Both Keren and Andrew accepted Christ and were baptised last month.

Another place we're seeing lives touched by the love of Jesus is on the streets of Auckland on Friday nights. We almost always walk away in awe of God's goodness and love for the down and out. Last week he led us to an encounter with a young man in his twenties named Justin. We had come to know him over the past few months, so with the help of donations at Shore, we filled a backpack full of things one would need on the streets: clothing, water, toiletries, a torch (flashlight), and a Bible where Nate wrote a personal note to Justin encouraging him to engage with the Story of God in the pages. Justin was intoxicated when we found him but he was coherent enough to share how grateful he was for what we were doing for him and that he thought of us as family. He went on to explain that his mother took her own life two years earlier and that he felt responsible in some way for her death. Hugo, a former alcoholic and one of the other men helping us that night, put his arm around Justin and for about 5 minutes shared about the incredible love of Jesus and the life that can be found in Him - a life that still includes pain, but a life that can be free from dependence on alcohol because Jesus walks with us through our pain. Justin, with tears streaming down his face, met Jesus that night through Hugo. Afterward, we all wept and prayed together. It was beautiful and heartbreaking all at the same time.

Family Update.

With these three cute arrows in our quiver (pictured above), we are blessed beyond measure, our cups are overflowing, and numerous other Christianey clichès. Need we say more? But still, pray for us. Raising these cuties away from the support of extended family comes with its challenges.

The Hutchisons are an immense blessing to our church community as we seek to reach out to those in Auckland and beyond. We are so appreciative to their supporters in the U.S. for making it possible for them to invest in ministry and mission with us for this season.

Prayer Requests.

Homeless Outreach
Please pray for this blooming new ministry led by a young man Nate is discipling, Joe Jay. We are being blessed each time we go out to bless others in the name of Jesus. Pray that more people get involved and that God continues to sustain the leaders of this ministry.

The Cosio Family
Please pray for this young family who lost their wife/mum to suicide in February. Pray for comfort and healing and practical help with the children.

Financial Partnership
Please pray for our financial partnerships to remain strong. We found out that one of our supporting churches is having to halve their support this year, due to financial difficulties at their church. This comes at a difficult time as the exchange rate is not great, and the cost of living in Auckland continues to rise. Please pray that God will provide for what we need, and that we will be good stewards of what He provides.

Organisation Affiliation
Praise God for providing our new sponsoring organisation, North Terrace Church of Christ (see above for details).

Church Plant
We continue to have good conversations with people that we hope will become leaders and volunteers at our next church plant. Please pray that we follow God's leading in this, and that He will provide the workers we need for the spiritual harvest.

Life Group
We're seeing a lot of progress and heaps of potential in the members of our group. Please pray for continued participation and continued discipleship.

Please pray that the kids make positive friendships at school, and that they will connect well with their teachers this year. Please pray also for Nate as he continues studying counseling as a support to our ministry here.

Our Family
Pray for good health and positive friendships.