A Partnership Defined

A Sunday morning at our partner church in Auckland (photo by Dave Simpson)

A Sunday morning at our partner church in Auckland (photo by Dave Simpson)

We've come a long way since we left Christchurch for Auckland. We've been embraced as a part of the Shore Community Church family, we've reconnected with long-time friends and fellow church planters, we've formed a great church planting team with promising connections to more potential team members, and now we've officially entered into a partnership with an established local church who will be a life line to our new church plant.

An Independent Church Plant with a Family Connection
After months of prayer and several great meetings with an amazing group of supportive elders at Shore Community Church, we have decided that our next church plant will be an autonomous church with a close family-like connection to Shore CC. This means we will be free to cast our own vision for reaching our particular NW corner of Auckland while reaping the benefits of partnering with a caring and nearby established church. Specifically, the Shore elders have agreed to:

  • Work with the church plant team to establish an eldership before the church is started.
  • Look for ways to provide support and sharing of resources with the new church.
  • Explore opportunities to contribute people and funds to the new church.

More details about our partnership will emerge in future meetings next year.  In the meantime we have a lot of prep work to do. This will include things like pinpointing the exact location of the church plant, connecting with other churches and pastors in the area, researching venue and office options, praying with and considering additional team members, fundraising, and a furlough to the USA in 2018.

The view from Paku Peak, Coromandel where we recently met up with some friends from Christchurch for a family holiday.

The view from Paku Peak, Coromandel where we recently met up with some friends from Christchurch for a family holiday.

Family Update.
The days ahead will be full of celebrations and travelling...

  • We'll celebrate Whitney's birthday on Sunday before the travels begin...
  • Nate leaves next week to visit his mother and to help his parents travel home from the hospital in Houston, Texas.
  • The day he returns he will present his final counselling video and essay at Laidlaw College before receiving a Pastoral Counselling Diploma...assuming the assignment goes well ;)
  • After a few days later we're off to officiate a wedding in Thailand.
  • Things should settle down just in time for the warm summer months of school holidays and Christmas time!


Prayer Requests.

Elaine Hutchison (Nate's mum)
Please pray for Elaine as she has been diagnosed stage 4 Mantle Cell Lymphoma. She will be receiving cutting edge treatment from an excellent hospital in Houston for the next two years. Please pray alongside us that God heals her.

Tami Meaige (Whitney's mum)
Please pray for Tami as she undergoes treatment for stage 1 breast cancer. She was diagnosed in May/June and is now receiving chemotherapy. She is expected to recover fully, praise God!

Praise: Our Church Planting Team
Praise God for calling Hamish and Molly Taylor to join our church planting team. These two are the ideal teammates for us, and we basically absolutely LOVE them! Please pray for them as they embark on their fundraising journey, and as they restructure their lives in order to get back into church planting.

Praise: Church Plant Progress
We've secured a solid partnership with Shore Community Church. Continue to pray that God will stir the hearts of the individuals he's chosen to be heavily involved in our NW Auckland church plant. Please pray that we follow God's leading in this, and that He will provide the workers and opportunities we need for the spiritual harvest.

Financial Partnership
Please pray for our financial partnerships to remain strong, that God will provide for what we need, and that we will be good stewards of what He provides. If you'd like to help, you can donate here.

Life Group
We're really enjoying the community we have with people in this group. Please pray for continued participation and continued discipleship.

Please pray that the kids make positive friendships at school, and that they will connect well with their teachers this year. Please pray also for Nate as he continues studying counseling as a support to our ministry here.

Our Family
Pray for good health and positive friendships. The transition to our new house wasn't easy. Please pray for peace and a sense of belonging in our new home.