All Hands In

We'd like to devote a bit of our update to direct you toward a prayer need that is very near to our hearts. Would you please take a minute right now to pray for a baby named Ginny?

Ginny is the 7-month-old baby of our church planting friends, Tony & Kelsey Collins. They have been working in New Zealand since 2011 but have recently left to move back to the USA to continue their church planting work there. While stopping over for a few days in Australia, their baby girl was rushed into hospital for an emergency surgery on her bowels, which had become twisted, causing her to get very sick. After recovering, she became extremely ill again and had to have a second emergency surgery which resulted in a stoma bag and feeding line. Ginny will require a third surgery possibly very soon.  Could you please pray for wisdom, peace, endurance and healing?  Family members have flown over to help (especially to look after their other 2-year-old daughter), but they will likely need to return to the states on Sunday.  A few of us will be taking turns to fly over to Brisbane and lend a hand this month in their absence.  We've set up this give-a-little page for anyone who would like to help the family with extra expenses.

Oh The Things We Do...

Summer has officially ended, which means relief from the heat is here along with plenty of engagements on the agenda.  

S C H O O L  |  Nate is into his third week of tertiary (university level) schooling.  He's taking two courses in the counselling program at Laidlaw College.  With cross-credits from his KCU days and part-time study he could earn a bachelor's of counselling by 2019.  That said, our church planting goals (which are beginning to take more shape), will take priority when the time comes.  It looks like we'll be able to give more details on that in the next few months. 

S H O R E  |  Both of us are finding creative outlets with our work at Shore Community Church.  Whitney has been designing booklets and handouts while Nate devotes some time each week helping Shore's worship ministry prepare for Sundays, upgrade processes, and in worship leading.  He's enjoying working with the many talented musicians and fellow worship leaders at Shore.  He has the privilege of leading 3 times in a 5-week period including Easter Sunday this year.  It's good that he's able to help so much now because his shoulder surgery (scheduled for 6 April) will take him out of the game for a wee while.  

K  I  D  S  |  As kids grow up they tend to want to spread their wings and try new things.  Laney is giving piano lessons a go along with ballet while Henry is right into his touch rugby and soccer.  We're doing our best to support them and tell them how proud we are.  Finn is also busy being a bossy two-year-old.  His self-directed schedule at home is by far the most demanding :-).  

M U S I C  |  Nate and his worship-leader friend, Phil Rose, have also kept the creative juices flowing on their recording project.  We're particularly proud of the latest song, Even So, because it's lyrics were written by Nate's dad, Jim!  Even So will be uploaded to the Rose n Hutch soundcloud page in the next day or two.