Family Matters


After traveling from Auckland to Cincinnati in record time (3 flights and 2 layovers that were so short we were literally running through clichè), we are officially stateside! We've spent the first few days here catching up with family and catching up on sleep. The jet lag should wear off just in time to watch the Final Four in Kentucky with Nate's family. And in case you're wondering, yes. Yes we did choose to travel this week for that very purpose. Go Cats!

Coming to a Church Near You?
You can view our calendar for while we're on furlough and see where we'll be and when we'll be there. Nate will be leading worship on each of the listed weekends. We'd love to see you there!

Back in New Zealand
One final note to share with you. We're so proud of the church we'll be working with in Auckland while preparing to plant another church there (Shore Community Church). We spent the month of March getting reacquainted with the church, the city, and catching up with some friends there. On our final Sunday at Shore before we left for the USA, we witnessed seven people accept Jesus as Saviour and get baptised in a tiny pool. It was the perfect reminder of why we're called to bring the gospel to New Zealand.